• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The German faults, a tourist site less visited because of the road


Feb 9, 2024

RUTANA, February 8th (ABP) – The German faults, a tourist site located in the Mpinga-Kayove commune of the Rutana province, receives fewer tourists than the Karera falls, another site located in the Shanga zone of the Musongati commune of the same province. This was indicated by the officer in charge of natural monuments in the East, Mr. Désiré Manirakiza, on Friday February 2, 2024, during an interview with a check by ABP.

Indeed, during the past year of 2023, only 72 tourists visited these faults while 7,600 tourists went to Karera Falls, said Mr. Manirakiza.

Among the reasons which influence this reduced number of visitors to the German faults, he mainly cited the road leading to that site which is no longer passable, pointing out that some of the tourists try to go there but turn around before arriving at the destination, because it is inaccessible.

At a time when the rehabilitation work on the road leading to the said site is already underway, Mr. Manirakiza hopes that the number of tourists who go there and revenues will increase, and the State will benefit from it.