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Murotso Cooperative, one of the strong cooperatives


Jan 2, 2024

KARUSI, January 2nd (ABP) – The Murotso cooperative is one of the strongest in Karusi province (east-central Burundi), says Mr. Elie Bikenga, head of the executive committee, who recalls that it has benefited from a prize and a certificate of honor in 2020.

With 83 effective members, the cooperative has BIF 67,608,250 in agricultural income for the year 2023 from the cultivation of maize, beans, finger millet, avocados and bananas, according to Mr. Bikenga. Modern breeding of Friesian cows is valued at more than BIF 25 million, while equipment including harvest reception infrastructure, mills, computer equipment, motorcycle taxis are worth more than BIF 100 million, he underlines. He thanks the administration and management of the Provincial Bureau of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE) for its incalculable support because, he affirms, the cooperative has its head office and carries out all activities on land borrowed from BPEAE. As for the administration, it supports it in the search for markets for the selected seeds produced.

The majority of members are illiterate except for a few civil servants. They regularly share the balances on their capital and benefit from loans when necessary, as well as health insurance cards. The cooperative plans to approach banks to increase capital and become a considerable business.