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The Head of State calls on leaders and young people to be proud of the step taken in development


Dec 29, 2023

CANKUZO, December 29th (ABP) –Burundi Head of State Evariste Ndayishimiye has told leaders through his teachings on the third day of the end-of-year thanksgiving prayer to be proud of the achievements.

President Ndayishimiye said that the country’s development has been, in the past, undermined by laziness and theft.

According to him, the lazy man always complains and is afraid of poverty. He also desires the goods of others without thinking of seeking his own. He doesn’t even know where he can find capital, the president continued to say.

                                                                                               View of the meeting attendees

He mentioned the case of young graduates who still say they are unemployed even though there are many jobs, and certain parents who instill the spirit of poverty in their children. He urged them all to wake up.

To develop, we must create jobs, said the Head of State. “If you work hard, you will be rich within 5 years, and the vision of Burundi emerging in 2040 will undoubtedly be achieved.”

He encouraged the Mukike commune in Bujumbura province and Mishiha in Cankuzo province for having experienced remarkable progress in development and young people who are investing in development. He gave the example of a young person who had the vision of buying musical instruments to be a singer and who resolved to work in a hair salon. President Ndayishimiye called on participants to be proud of the step taken in development and to always aim for the best, without forgetting to promote the good image of the country. Awareness must start at the household level, the Head of State stressed.