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The First Vice-President of the Senate participated in the community development works


Dec 15, 2023

RUMONGE December 12th (ABP) – The First Vice-President of the Senate, Mrs. Denise Ndadaye joined on Saturday the population of the Rumonge zone and commune in the concreting work of two classrooms of Mugomere I Basic School located at Mugomere village in Rumonge commune and province.

In his welcoming remarks, the advisor to the governor of the Rumonge province thanked the first vice-president of the senate for her participation in the said work, indicating that the municipal education directorate in Rumonge is experiencing a challenge linked to the lack of classrooms in different educational establishments. He asked Mrs. Denise Ndadaye to plead for them to get help to resolve that problem

In her speech addressed to the participants after the work, the First Vice-President of the senate placed great emphasis on the low participation of the people of the Rumonge commune in community development work. To do that, she called on the administration to mobilize and inform the population about the planned work, and the population is called upon to provide themselves with the materials each time they attend the scheduled work. She said the community development works last two hours, adding that that cannot prevent someone from continuing other private programs, adding that those works are an opportunity for local natives to meet to discuss the challenges that haunt their communal and propose ways out.

Speaking about the issue linked to the lack of classrooms in schools in Rumonge commune, Mrs. Ndadaye clarified that that problem can be resolved. With a nod to the local administration, she indicated that natives living abroad or in the country, the elected representatives of the people and the population can contribute to the construction of those rooms up to any level in order to that the State completes them. She also returned to the importance of the taxpayer in sustainable development. According to her, a country is developed by its people and it is for that reason that she invited the population in general and traders in particular to pay taxes and to fight against and denounce fraud. That will allow, according to Ms. Ndadaye, to build the country according to the vision Burundi emerging in 2040, developed in 2060.