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Appeal to stakeholders for the implementation of the Merankabandi II project


Dec 10, 2023

MWARO December 10th (ABP) – The project to support productive social safety nets and Jobs-Cash For Jobs-Merankabandi II, organized, Wednesday December 6, an information and consultation meeting with stakeholders in the province Mwaro.

View of the participants

During the presentation of the project, the coordinator of the said project, Mr. Michel Nyabenda said that it is a government project. He said that the project aims to change mentalities and improve the living conditions of the population, especially extremely poor households. As components, he cited in particular the improvement of the capacities of disadvantaged groups, the development of delivery systems and social protection, integration of host communities into social protection systems and intervention in emergencies. Mr. Nyabenda specified that the operation will be carried out through the monetary transfer of an amount of 72,000 BIF after two months but with accompanying measures such as the development of human and social capital and productive inclusion to reduce poverty and the vulnerability of beneficiaries. He ended his presentation saying that the Merankabandi project requires everyone’s efforts; hence he invited all stakeholders to support to make that project sustainable.

In his opening remarks, the governor of Mwaro province, Gaspard Gasanzwe warmly welcomed the Merankabandi project which supports the most deprived households. That fits well with the vision of our country, Burundi as an emerging country in 2040 and developed in 2060, he declared.