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Experience exchange workshop between entrepreneurs and young innovative entrepreneurs


Dec 24, 2023

BUJUMBURA December 22nd  (ABP) – The Director General of the Burundi Development Agency (ADB), Mr. Didace Ngendakumana, organized, Wednesday, December 20, 2023, a workshop for the exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs and young innovative entrepreneurs.

According to Mr. Ngendakumana, that meeting between entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and different public and private institutions involved in commercial or entrepreneurial activities is of great importance because it allows the capacity building of young entrepreneurs, in order to be able to learn from them, especially share the challenges and opportunities they encounter.

Mr. Ngendakumana said that large entrepreneurs explained that currently it is easier to embark on entrepreneurial activities, because young people can have support and financing, notably that of PAEEJ, the Youth Bank, unlike previous years.

To that end, those great entrepreneurs invited young people to seize that opportunity and draw from their experiences, telling them that they are small today, but that with a lot of effort, they can become medium and large entrepreneurs.

Note that that workshop was also enhanced by representatives of the Youth Bank, the BNDE and the Ministry in charge of Commerce, the OBR and the PAEEJ who explained to them what it takes to work well without obstacles, and promised them all the necessary support.