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A young girl determined to protect the environment by manufacturing biodegradable packaging


Dec 15, 2023

CIBITOKE December 14th (ABP) – Aware of the problem of unemployment among young graduates and the danger of plastic bags for the environment, Miss Divine Irambona, laureate in human nutrition and 4th child in a large family, created work and contributes to the protection of the environment.

In her innovations in creating a biodegradable packaging manufacturing company, the young trained nutritionist was inspired by what she had learned at school, relating to food safety and the causes of climate change. That twenty-year-old entrepreneur revealed to the ABP that she had abandoned her first dream of a nutritional practice with the aim of helping people suffering from excess proteins and lipids, to instead contribute above all to protection. of the environment, which should be a priority for every citizen.

She claimed that she produces twenty biodegradable packaging per day. It started at the end of 2022, by grinding the banana tree in a simple pestle, to produce a single sheet of paper (A4 format) per day. Subsequently, she applied for and won a municipal competition for the economic empowerment and youth employment program (PAEEJ), at the end of February 2023. Thus, she used the credit obtained to buy a mechanical machine, and associate three other young people, to start his business called “Trans-Eco”, located at his home, at the 7th crossroads of Cibitoke, in Rugombo commune, we learned on site.

With a permanent staff of four units and a watchman, nearly 500 biodegradable packaging are produced on average each month, for an amount estimated at more than 720,000 BIF. In addition, to be able to repay the credit as soon as possible, the Trans-Eco company also supplies rolls of khaki paper, which it cuts and folds into small composable packages which it sells to pharmacies and retailers. producers of the porridge, she pointed out.

That second activity brings in 600,000 BIF and more each month. As a result, the entrepreneur admitted to us that she manages to easily repay the loan taken out, buy raw material made from banana waste, and regularly pay staff salaries.

Miss Irambona revealed to the ABP that she is not looking to be hired elsewhere, but rather plans to have her banana plantations, buy more efficient machines, and hire other young people, thus producing more rolls for her biodegradable packaging.

In her vision, within five years, she plans to purchase sufficient land, find other varied raw materials, but also reduce to zero the use of plastic bags, which are toxic and banned in her country. To achieve that, she is advocating for training in stationery, and also wants to increase her sales market, especially at the local level, where local people are unaware of the quality of locally produced products.