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Residents of Cibitoke province urged to increase working hours


Dec 10, 2023

CIBITOKE December 10th  (ABP) – During the passing of the torch of peace, 17th edition, in all the six communes of Cibitoke province, Epipode Baranyikwa, representative of the Intwararumuru association, each time called on the population of all sectors of life, to change behavior. He suggested that they increase working hours and plan their activities regularly, with a view to facilitating evaluation at the end of the year.

              Mixing concrete to pave a classroom at the Rugombo Communal High School

According to him, the only battle horse to develop, and align with the vision of an emerging Burundi in 2040, is nothing other than increasing the pace and volume of activities, from the base to the top.

In addition, from December 5 to 6, 2023, the torch illuminated in turn  the construction of social infrastructure in progress, in all six municipalities in the province, and provided support of 50 bags of cement for each work in progress.

Thus, the list of buildings visited by the torch, during his two-day stay in Cibitoke, are notably the Bihembe health center in Bukinanyana commune; school sites in Mabayi, Mugina, Murwi and Rugombo communes; and the Buganda communal office, a three-level infrastructure, whose walls began to be raised on Wednesday, December 6, with the Peace Torch Caravan 17th edition, 2023.

Let us add that the members of the Intwararumuri association positively appreciated the welcome given to them, and the volume of development work in progress, in all the municipalities of the Cibitoke province.