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Mushroom cultivation offers employment to young people in Gitaba


Dec 15, 2023

MAKAMBA December 14th (ABP) – Young people grouped within the Youth Sustainable Development Cooperative (COJEDEDU), in Gitaba zone, Makamba commune and province say they are satisfied that they had jobs after they left. are put together to cultivate mushrooms, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The representative of COJEDEDU, Mr. Manassé Vyizigiro, said that they first contributed 500 BIF per week to be able to register the cooperative and have other equipment necessary to start the project. Subsequently, they received funding from the Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program (PAEEJ).

Mr. Vyizigiro said that they work on a rotating basis although they have five employees at all times. He further indicated that they harvest those mushrooms twice a month and that they sell the kilo for between 5,000 to 6,000 BIF.

They appealed to other young people not to neglect work because they earn a lot from those mushrooms.

COJEDEDU has 49 members including 24 girls and has already started to repay the credit they took out from PAEEJ.