• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Cultivating mushrooms contributes to the country’s economic growth


Jul 5, 2024

BUJUMBURA, July 5th (ABP) – Cultivating mushrooms contributes to the country’s economic growth and helps stabilise the soil, according to Mr Augustave Muhoza, a young entrepreneur who works in the Maramvya area, 12th Avenue, in the commune of Mutimbuzi, Bujumbura province.

In an interview with ABP on Wednesday 3 July 2024, he said that mushrooms provide a diet rich in vitamin D, which plays an essential role in the quality of bone and muscle tissue and in strengthening the immune system, as well as protein and fibre.

He plans to cultivate mushrooms to increase Burundi’s agricultural production and provide the population with quality food.

Young Muhoza, who started that project two months ago, hopes that young Burundians will get involved in the agro-pastoral sector so that the population not only has enough quality food to eat, but can also develop financially.

According to him, mushroom cultivation does not require large areas of land, which is a great advantage, adding that he sells a kilo for 7,000 Fbu, a reasonable price considering that his project has only just begun. Mr Muhoza is outraged that many young people hope for outside help to get their projects off the ground, when joining together is an asset in creating their own projects.

He pointed out that the challenges of the project he has initiated include the lack of a strategic location, the fact that there are not many customers yet, the lack of sufficient financial resources to transport the substrates to the workplace and so forth.