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Chinese Embassy has held symposium with Chinese, Egyptian media and think tanks


Nov 24, 2023

CAIRO, November 24th (XINHUA) – The Chinese Embassy to Egypt held a symposium with Chinese and Egyptian media and think tanks on Monday.

The symposium was attended by Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Liao Liqiang, Egyptian diplomats and officials, as well as media representatives from both countries.

For a long time now, Chinese and Egyptian media and think tanks have closely studied China’s development, publicized stories related to China-Egypt friendship, supported the work of the embassy, and made valuable suggestions for bilateral cooperation, Mr. Liao said in his speech.

The Chinese ambassador stressed that his country wishes to work together with Egypt to implement the results of the third Belt and Road Forum for international cooperation, strengthen their cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, agricultural technologies, renewable energy and other sectors, and expand human and cultural exchanges to promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

Regarding the Palestinian issue, he said China firmly supports the just cause of the Palestinian people and their efforts to restore their legitimate national rights.

For his part, Advisor Abdel Moati Abu Zaid, director of the foreign media department at the Egyptian State Information Service, said that the Egyptian people appreciate the important cooperation existing between the two countries, and hope to see more Chinese investments in Egypt, particularly in the areas of the green economy, renewable energies, automobile manufacturing and transport.