• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Leaders are called on to lead by example in rabbit farming


Oct 26, 2023

KARUSI October 26th (ABP) – The awareness campaign on rabbit breeding concerns the entire population, starting with community leaders, indicated the governor’s chief of staff, Innocent Ntirampeba, during a meeting he held on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, for representatives of political parties, religious denominations, civil society and administration.

According to him, the committee for monitoring the progress of national policy of rabbit breeding in Karusi province is already in place and will soon begin its work, warned the governor’s chief of staff, who recalled that each household must also have at least five rabbits as well as public and private services who must have a hutch.

According to the director of the Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Jean Séverin Sinzobatohana, giving orders is no longer the right approach of the administration, but rather, at present, it is more urgent to preach by examples, if they want more effectiveness.

According to him, the province of Karusi is privileged in the national rabbit breeding policy, because it already has model cases, notably the veterinary technician of the Bugenyuzi commune, Didace Nizigiyimana, expert in that field and the trader, Aimable Habiyakare, who already has a construction site being finished to accommodate 2000 rabbits, said the director of BPEAE.

Note that the “Batwas” who practice pottery will benefit, because it is recommended by the expert Nizigiyimana that rabbits give birth in pots to avoid cold snaps.


The appeal made by the Head of State to raise rabbits has been understood
Bujumbura – Livestock A soldier of the 412th battalion has embarked on rabbit farming project BUJUMBURA, November 13th (ABP) – Soldier Leonidas Nsengiyumva has responded well to the appeal of the President of the Republic of Burundi who calls on Burundians and State institutions to engage in rabbit farming, a check at the headquarters of the Kabezi commune in Bujumbura province by ABP has revealed. His entrepreneurial leadership in raising rabbits started last April and now has more than 135 rabbits and plans to move forward. He wants to become a large rabbit farmer with a large number of rabbits, with a view to providing rabbits to those who would like to raise them. He has already provided rabbits to those who want them. Last month, he sold 12 rabbits, for 25 thousand BIF each. He plans to expand the hutch little by little because, he stressed, the iron sheets, boards and pipes are expensive today. Mr. Nsengiyumva revealed two major challenges to that breeding. He cited a lack of veterinary technicians and good breed rabbits. He called on the State to help rabbit farmers to treat rabbits and provide them with good breeds in order to cross them with the local breed to find a disease-resistant breed.
270 cows have been distributed to the inhabitants of the Matongo commune