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Rabbit breeding should be promoted


Oct 25, 2023

KARUSI October 25th (ABP) – The Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock carried out, on October 20, 2023, the evaluation of the state of progress and awareness on rabbit breeding.

The BPEAE director, Jean Séverin Sinzobatohana admits that his province welcomed the national rabbit breeding program with open arms. He remains convinced that the Bugenyuzi commune can serve as an example to others in Karusi as elsewhere.

However, he orders all BPEAE technicians, from the village to the provincial level, to have their own hutches of at least five rabbits by October 31 of that year as agreed.

He announced that all public offices will be equipped with a common staff hutch on the same date. He launches a vibrant appeal to his staff to serve as a model and to sufficiently supervise the people in rabbit breeding.

Mr. Didace Nizigiyimana, expert in rabbit breeding in Karusi and at the national level, indicated the importance of rabbit breeding. The latter provide very fertile manure, organic pesticides, their urine strengthens humility and appetite in pigs and provides white meat which is recommended for all people by nutritionists. He took the time to explain how they reproduce, their proper diet and how to build a standard hutch.