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Four people charged with motorcycle theft


Oct 27, 2023

KARUSI October 27th (ABP) – Twenty-five years of penal servitude for Nduwayo Faustin, 20 years for Hafashimana Claude, 4 years for Ishimwe El Elore and one year for Nshimirimana Annociate with a fine of 4,500,000 BIF to be given to the victim Nkurunziza Séverin, that is the sentence pronounced by the Karusi high court on the evening of Wednesday October 25, tells us the public prosecutor Mrs. Aline Ndayiragije. Nduwayo Faustin is accused of attempted murder, robbery and rape. His teammate Hafashimana Claude like his illegal wife Ishimwe El Elore are accused of attempted murder and robbery while Nshimirimana Annociate is accused of seizing objects obtained with the help of an offense which is why the latter will only suffer ‘only one year in prison according to the prosecutor.

Nduwayo Faustin’s concubine being still a minor, her maximum prison term is 4 years while the accused of an additional crime of rape will suffer 25 years of detention. The first three will share the payment of 4,500,000 moral compensation costs to the victim.

Indeed, on Wednesday last week, Hafashimana Claude took a motorcyclist from Buhiga to Bugenyuzi at 7 p.m. Arriving at Gashanga village, he asked Nkurunziza Séverin to stop to give a lift to a little girl next to the road. The latter approached the motorcycle, willingly delaying getting on to wait for Nduwayo Faustin to come out of his hiding place in order to knock out the biker using knives and leave with the motorcycle after killing him.

The alerted police did their job and found the three thieves and the motorcycle at Gikombe village in Shombo commune two days after the crime. Note that the trial took place behind closed doors following the minor criminal.