• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Burundians can develop easily through agricultural cooperatives


Mar 27, 2024

KARUSI March 26th (ABP) – Burundi is a peaceful country, a country of milk and honey as some say, nothing remains but the march towards development through agriculture and livestock, noted the President of the Republic of Burundi Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye during his meeting with members of the “Ihwaniro” cooperative, a cooperative which brings together the different religious denominations of Karusi. It was that Saturday, March 23, 2024.

It is a great opportunity that Burundians must take advantage of the cessation of ethnic divisions that the country has gone through according to President Ndayishimiye. Being proud that you are Burundian is enough to come together and work first for your own development and then for the development of your nation, he said. According to the Burundian head of state, all developed countries started with agro-pastoral development and the Burundians must follow suit. In cooperatives, the forces are united, that is to say, the financial means, the technical means and the workforce in order to produce more, he demonstrated. From large-scale agricultural production, we will undoubtedly move on to industrialization according to President Ndayishimiye. He called on the population to work 24 hours a day, to use their intelligence and to take advantage of Burundi’s natural wealth to achieve sustainable development.

The representative of Mac-Burundi Mrs. Aimée Pascal Nduwimana who returned to the importance of cooperative work, asked the government to identify unexploited arable land and lend it to popular cooperatives.

Very satisfied with the achievements of the cooperatives, Governor Mrs. Dévote Nizigiyimana reaffirmed her commitment to total supervision and encouragement of technical services for the benefit of the latter.