• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The ministry in charge of national solidarity provided assistance to victims of bad weather


Oct 25, 2023

MAKAMBA October 25th (ABP) – The Ministry of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender (MSASDPHG) represented by the permanent secretary, Mr. Potien Hatungimana, offered, Monday, October 23 2023, assistance consisting of rice and beans to families victims of bad weather due to heavy rain mixed with winds which fell on the locality of Kiyange, in Kibago commune, to vulnerable families as well as to families in Mabanda commune, who missed theirs, following the bush fires which consumed them while they were putting out those fires.

Mr. Hatungimana indicated that the government was affected by the loss of its citizens in that bad weather, which is why it organized that gesture of assistance towards the families who were affected, in one way or another. by bad weather.

In Kibago 159 families received rice and beans while in Mabanda four families were also assisted. Families in Kayogoro and Makamba communes affected by bad weather will also receive rice and beans.

Mr. Hatungimana further indicated that the government will foot the bill for medical care for the vulnerable injured.

In Mabanda, the Permanent Secretary launched the granting of metal sheets to 32 families made up of Batwa and other vulnerable people who erected the walls of their homes.

Governor Tantine Ncutinamagara thanked that ministry for that act and asked the population to continue to show local solidarity.