• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Bururi province is full of several undeveloped tourist sites


Sep 28, 2023

BURURI September 28th (ABP) – Bururi province has many tourist sites that can attract both national and foreign tourists, according to the provincial official in charge of protected areas, Jérôme Nishishikare.

According to him, there is the tourist site of Gashinyira in Matana where the first king of Burundi, Ntare I Cambarantama, was born, the thermal waters of Muyange and Muhweza, the mountain ranges of Kibimbi and Inanzerwe, the source of the Nile, the water falls on the Siguvyaye River and the nature forest reserves of Bururi and Vyanda which are home to chimpanzees, monkeys, birds and indigenous trees.

Mr. Nishishikare said that tourists are not aware of those sites, due to the lack of advertising, but also due to inaccessibility because the bridges and roads are not developed.

The governor’s chief of staff, Mr. Juvent Ndayikeza, said that if those sites were developed, they would generate foreign exchange for the country. He invited foreign investors and natives to take an interest in this sector, by building hotels around the sites.