• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

The 2nd Deputy President of the Senate participated in the community development works


Sep 26, 2023

RUYIGI September 25th   (ABP) – The vice-president of the Burundian Senate, Mr. Fabrice Nkurunziza, joined the population of Ruyigi province in the community concreting work of the inner courtyard of Ruyigi province, on Saturday September 24 2023.

He congratulated the people of Ruyigi for participating in the construction of the provincial offices. He encouraged him to continue to work on the construction of infrastructure of public interest and especially the construction of classrooms so that no child of school age misses that opportunity.

The governor of that province, Mrs. Emmerencienne Tabu, in her welcoming remarks, announced that these concrete works began at the beginning of September and that thanks to the massive participation of the population, they could be completed at the end of the same month. She, however, deplored the fact that there are insufficient classrooms in the various communal education directorates and that all people and organizations who support the Burundian State should consider strengthening their participation in this province so that school dropouts that occurred during past school years may decrease or stop altogether.

Along the same lines, the 2nd vice-president of the Burundian Senate indicated that the phenomenon of school dropouts remains a sad reality in Burundi while free education for all children of school age is in force. He asked all parents to carry out regular and rigorous monitoring of their children and to join forces in all the hills of the country for an effective, lasting and definitive eradication of this problem. He stressed that the bright future of the country and the sustainable development of younger generations will depend on universal schooling for children. He recalled that the time when the country waited for foreign aid to bring children to school is over and encouraged all Burundians to join forces to meet the challenges of this sector.