• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Towards a peaceful Burundi and sustainable development


Sep 22, 2023

BUBANZA September 22nd (ABP) – Officials of the National Observatory for the Prevention of Genocide, the Eradication of War Crimes and Other Crimes Against Humanity, gathered, Wednesday, September 20, the leaders of the various sectors of the Bubanza province, with the aim of discussing obstacles to a peaceful Burundi and the contribution of each person to sustainable development, a check on the site by ABP has disclosed.

                                                                               View of the participants

According to these leaders, some of the obstacles to a peaceful Burundi, which are still probable, are among others land conflicts, prohibited drinks, narcotics, concubinage and adultery, insufficient personnel and materials in the field of education, the dysfunction of certain judicial bodies, demographic pressure and others.

Those leaders from various sectors have promised to increase the number of meetings with their leaders, in order to discuss everything that can be harmful to the well-being of the population, and to move on to prevention. They promise the continuation of good collaboration in the quadrilogy.

As for sustainable development, they call for the construction of roads, an increase in electricity, drinking water, the establishment of processing units for agro-pastoral products, the fight against corruption, the organization into cooperatives, the multiplication of irrigation canals and others.

The president of that national observatory, Jean de Dieu Mutabazi, indicated that these contributions will be put in a report, which will be transmitted to those concerned for solutions.

Note that this workshop was organized under the theme: “Let us unite to build a peaceful country through the consolidation of peace, sustainable development, and the prevention of violence.”