• Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

At least 167 cases of lumpy skin disease in cattle already detected


May 17, 2024

BUBANZA, May 17th (ABP) – At least 167 cases of lumpy skin disease in cattle have been detected in less than a month in certain localities in Bubanza province (north-west Burundi), according to information from the provincial Environment, Agriculture and Livestock Office (BPEAE).

According to data from the BPEAE in Bubanza, lumpy skin disease in cattle occurred in the communes of Bubanza, Gihanga and Mpanda, where 167 cases were detected. Four of them died, 67 were treated and cured, while others are undergoing treatment.

As for the symptoms of this disease, this source speaks of the appearance of nodules all over the body, hyperthermia, inappetence, prickly hair and reduced milk production. It’s a highly fatal disease, but also treatable and curable if reported in real time, continues the same source.

BPEAE Bubanza officials call on farmers to monitor their herds on a daily basis, and to report any such symptoms as soon as possible for treatment and prevention.

There are over 70,300 cattle in Bubanza province. A mass vaccination against lumpy skin disease is therefore planned for all cattle in the province.