• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The DPEAE Bujumbura recommends that farmers wait and sow in the 2nd decade of September


Sep 15, 2023

BUJUMBURA September 15th (ABP) – The Provincial Director of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (DPEAE) Mr. Daniel Mazarahisha contacted by ABP on Wednesday, in view of the first rain to find out if farmers can sow the seeds and to know where his management stands regarding the preparations for the first season, season A 2024, he advised farmers to wait in order to sow in the second decade of September, that is to say from the 17th of this month.

Regarding the preparations, Mr. Mazarahisha indicated that preparations continue in all corners of that province under plowing, indicating that they have sensitized the people so that they pay the salary for the fertilizers which are in the process of being be transported to all areas although not all quantities have yet been transported. He added that they are waiting for the payment of the balance so that the farmers can recover the ordered quantities when the time comes.

Not all seeds are available, said DPEAE Mazarahisha, who clarified that they are impatiently waiting for hybrid corn seeds to arrive on Burundian soil, but those of composite corn (local varieties) are there. He added that he continues to make contacts here and there, looking for other cultures for the beneficiaries to have.

Despite the call from the provincial director Mazarahisha, some farmers were sowing beans and corn in random seeds, seeds that they saved themselves or bought at the market.