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Status of preparations for the 2024 A growing season


Sep 15, 2023

BUJUMBURA September 15th  (ABP) – The Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Prof. Ir. Sanctus Niragira hosted, Wednesday, September 13, 2023, a press briefing to announce the new fertilizer prices and the progress of preparations for the 2024A growing season, as part of the implementation of the national fertilizer program subsidies in order to make them accessible to farmers.

On this occasion, prof. Ir. Niragira said that it was noted that the fertilizer needs expressed by farmers increase from season to season and increase from 47,511.75 tons in the 2023A season to 61,010.675 tons for the 2024A season, or approximately 13,500 tons of more. This proves that Burundian households have already understood the importance of fertilizers in increasing agricultural production, he added.

He further indicated that alongside these qualities of fertilizers, the order for Dolomite has almost doubled from 11879.3 tons for 2023A to 22221.75 tons in this 2024A season, an increase of 10342.45 tons. All these fertilizers and amendments are subsidized at high rates in order to promote their accessibility.

He took the opportunity to announce new adjustments to fertilizer prices following the increase in quantities requested as well as subsidy amounts and taking into account the exchange rate.

He said that a bag of FOMI IMBURA fertilizer will cost 86,408 Fbu, the government will pay 55,408 Fbu in subsidy while the farmer will pay 31,000 Fbu); a 25kg bag of Urea will cost 91,965 BIF (the State will pay 58,965 BIF in subsidy compared to 33,000 for the farmer); a 25kg bag of FOMI BAGARA will cost 77,473 BIF, the State will pay 49,473 BIF in subsidy against 28,000 BIF for the farmer; two 25kg (50kg) bags of dolomite will cost 19,000 BIF, the State will pay 14,000 BIF in subsidy against 5,000 BIF for the farmer.

He also informed that the payment period for the 2024 A season sales will begin on September 18, 2023 and end on October 12, 2023, and that the ministry responsible for agriculture is closely monitoring the production and delivery of fertilizers and amendments to all provincial sheds in the country for the 2024 A season.

Minister Niragira reassured some farmers who have not yet collected their fertilizers ordered for the 2023 C season having handed over the vouchers to the local authorities that they will soon receive their fertilizers and Dolomite ordered in the 2023 ABC seasons.

He called on the people to continue their rural work quietly and to ensure the good management of public affairs. To the executives, technicians and agricultural monitors of MINEAGRIE, he called on them to work jointly with the executives and the police of the ministry in charge of community development, in order to be very close to the farmers during this campaign and to involve much more in the distribution and use of fertilizers and amendments for great success. He also called on the administration to ensure that subsidized fertilizers and amendments are actually used in the fields, so that they are not resold or exported to other countries.