• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

The DPE Bujumbura says it is ready to start the school year well and finish it well


Sep 15, 2023

BUJUMBURA September 15th (ABP) – The provincial director of education in Bujumbura province (western Burundi) Mr. Raphaël Ciza told the ABP on Wednesday, September 13 that they are prepared to start the 2023-2024 school year well on Monday, September 18 and to complete it well despite the challenges they will face, signaling that it is up to basis of the difficulties that the solutions are sought.

Contacted by the ABP to find out where they are with the preparations, Mr. Ciza indicated that they began with the placement of students from the 6th year in the 7th and those who succeeded in the national competition are already oriented in the sectors and the desired schools and they continue to welcome others who request the change of sections because they did not like the offer.

Concerning the availability of classrooms, he stressed that they are available in November sufficient in other communes except in Mutimbuzi commune in Rubirizi and Gasenyi which welcome new residents with their children who need to study and classrooms and the desks will be overwhelmed this year, he added.

Regarding school textbooks, the DPE Ciza reported that 2 thousand 6th grade French books were received and they intend to receive other 6th grade French books through a donation from the natives of this province who have already made the order.

For other textbooks, he claims to have a lack of books from grades 7 to 9, especially for schools that opened the 4th cycle after the distribution of these books. The DPE also has a stock of chalk that the supervisory ministry has provided them with and Director Ciza affirms that they are ready to start the school year and finish it despite the challenges.

To the question of availability of teachers, he replied that they are never enough, recalling that a good number of teachers have just retired and will be replaced by new recruits. He said that 184 teachers will be hired including 42 new ones, that is to say that 142 will replace those leaving and we understand well, he warned, that the need remains, taking into account that last year, the DPE employed 921 volunteers.

That educational authority has launched an appeal to parents to provide their children with all school materials and school fees, not to leave them to teachers alone, not to resign from their responsibility to educate together by giving them advice that will help them and follow them at home and outside.

To the learners, he urged them to discipline, to study regularly while knowing that their future will depend on what they have been in school.