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Solemn opening of the 2023 University Week at the Mutanga campus


Sep 14, 2023

BUJUMBURA August 13th (ABP) – The University of Burundi, under the patronage of the Minister of National Education and Scientific Research, solemnly opened Monday September 11, 2023, at the Mutanga campus, the activities of the week of the University coupled with the Summer School under the theme: “let’s build partnerships and sustainable networking through innovative research to eradicate poverty and socio-economic inequalities. »

On that occasion, the Rector of the University of Burundi Mr. Audace Manirabona indicated that summer school is a summer period during the holidays where on a well-defined theme, on the aspect of national and international relevance that we train the people from university and other walks of life. As University Week is a tradition, he added, the University of Burundi found it good to coincide the two events. He indicated that for them it will not be a summer school training as such where they will give teaching courses, but that the participants will train through scientific exchanges, presentations and exhibitions from their social and professional partners.

                                                                            The rector of UB Audace Manirabona

Mr. Manirabona revealed that during this week it will be about showing the achievements of the University. Those will shine through the scientific presentations throughout the week, as well as the physical achievements, including the experiments carried out and the results of the research which will be exhibited.

He invites everyone to come and participate massively as well to learn and see those achievements.

In his speech, the Minister of National Education and Scientific Research Mr. François Havyarimana recalled the fourfold objective of the university week which is to inform the outside world about what is being done at the University of Burundi particularly in the sector of research and services offered to the public; to create and maintain scientific exchanges between personalities from the scientific world of all origins on themes of national and international interest; to promote inter-university scientific exchanges; and to promote cultural and sporting activities in the university community by organizing artistic activities, cultural evenings and sporting competitions.

Mr. Havyarimana also congratulated the authorities of the University of Burundi for having maintained this tradition which each year offers an excellent opportunity to all staff of the said University, the teacher-researchers; administrative and technical staff; students from different faculties and institutes to re-mobilize around their daily commitments. He encouraged other institutions which have not yet done so to consider organizing those moments because they promote their internal dynamism and participate in the establishment and consolidation of the spirit of dialogue so necessary for proper functioning.

He also praised the accuracy and relevance of the chosen theme relating to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and universities, because according to him, it is indeed a subject which deserves all due attention in the Higher Education. Also, he pointed out, available scientific productions indicate that in other Universities in Africa and elsewhere around the world have taken up the content of the SDGs to understand and internalize them first, and then to adopt strategies for their self-involvement in their achievement.

You will know that this week will take place from September 11 to 15, 2023, on the Mutanga, Kiriri campuses; Kamenge and Rohero from the University of Burundi.