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With irrigation, the network of cooperatives intends to make all the growing seasons profitable


Sep 12, 2023

KARUSI September 11th (ABP) – The Sangwe cooperative network of the Mutumba commune organized, Thursday, September 7, an evaluation and preparation session for the activities to follow, in which the governor of the Karusi province, Mrs. Devotee Nizigiyimana.

After a tour of a vast field of various crops including corn, cauliflowers, onions, peppers, eggplants and tomatoes, the gathering took place at the Mubaragaza stadium.

The president of the network of 11 cooperatives from the 11 villages of the commune, Mr. Rivuzimana Ferdinand, indicated that this network of members has assets estimated at more or less 370 million Burundian francs. He mainly practices agro-pastoral farming, he said. In the livestock sector, 2300 goats, 57 pigs, 42 cows and 127 rabbits constitute its wealth.

                        Members of the Sangwe cooperative network irrigating their fields

Mr. Rivuzimana also underlined that the members of the cooperative have already purchased land and rent others for agriculture based in particular on corn, beans, potatoes, hill rice, finger millet, soy and wheat.

After the experience of irrigation during that dry season, the network of cooperatives intends in the future to make all the growing seasons profitable, according to Mr. Rivuzimana.

After congratulations and thanks, the Nizigiyimana government gave advice. Breaking with dependence, wait-and-see, dropping out of school, wasting harvests and promoting modern agriculture to reach the stage of transformation as well as planning any activity to avoid improvisation, is the main articulations of the remarks of the governor of Karusi.