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Closing of the “Radio vacances” program in Kayanza province


Sep 12, 2023

KAYANZA September 12th (ABP) – The director of national television of Burundi, Mr. Faustin Ndayizeye, proceeded on Friday evening, in the headquarters of Kayanza province (north), at the closing of the “radio vacances” program organized by the national radio and television of Burundi for its 47th edition.

During that ceremony, 36 young people from all over the country, two competitors per province, were lined up to answer general knowledge questions,  a check on the site by ABP has disclosed.

Delivering the closing speech of that program for this year, the director of national television, Mr. Faustin Ndayizeye, asked participants in the day’s ceremonies to observe a minute of silence in memory of a certain Cédric Bahimpundu who left champion in 2016 and 2nd winner in 2015 but who, unfortunately, died this year. With regard to the program “Radio Vacances”, he made it clear that this program cannot be compared to any other program if we consider its importance due to the fact that it allows the intellectual supervision of rising generations for at least nine weeks without respite. During that period, he stressed, RTNB took on the responsibilities of educators to help children and young people on vacation through a question-and-answer game. Mr. Ndayizeye suggested that during this summer, RTNB traveled throughout the country to encourage students on vacation to develop a spirit of research which is a driving force in the knowledge economy, especially since, according to him, a one day with an illustrious teacher is better than 1,000 days of diligent study. He promised to continue to assume that responsibility as an educator with dignity. Regarding the new developments observed this year, the director of national television spoke about the massive participation, the qualification of three girls to participate in the final and the way in which the provincial administration has supported RTNB since the start of the competition until its end.

He concluded by expressing his feelings of gratitude to all those who were involved in this very important activity, especially the Burundian Revenue Office, the Burundi Red Cross and many others. This year’s competition was won by a certain Jessy Nsengiyumva from Bujumbura City Council, a third-year medical student at the University of Burundi. As a trophy, he got 400,000 BIF while the second and third got 380,000 and 350,000 Fbu respectively. Note that among the 36 young people who participated in that final, ten of them who stood out were awarded prizes.