• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Launch of the “Turerere Uburundi” program in all provinces of the country


Sep 10, 2023

GITEGA September 8th (ABP) – The national secretary in charge of mobilization, ideology, patriotism and sections of the CNDD-FDD party abroad, Mr. Emery Landry Nyandwi has been, since Monday September 4, in the new Gitega province in a tour to encourage the new bodies recently elected and to officially launch the “Turerere Uburundi” program initiated by the said party.

Mr. Nyandwi, accompanied by the head of the department in charge of demography, Dr. Ananie Ndacayisaba and Hon. Isabelle Ndahayo, visited the new communes of Gishubi, Bugendana, Karusi and Shombo.

Dr. Ndacayisaba said that the Turerere Uburundi committee at the sub-district or sub-village level “Agacimbiri” is made up of 10 members including four men and six women and five members at the neighborhood or hill level. Their mission is to contribute to the change of the community in order to return to traditional values. As a novelty, Dr. Ndacayisaba reported that these committees will be led by “Bagumyabanga” women throughout the country.

The national secretary in charge of ideology within the CNDD-FDD party called on the members who will soon be elected to those committees to work in frank collaboration to ensure the well-being of the community. That committee will help the entourage to seek solutions to certain problems encountered in the community, such as drunkenness, banditry, unwanted pregnancies and the consumption of narcotics.

He also pointed out that the members of this committee will be able to seize the persons in charge of the villages or districts and the village notables to take measures in the event of a disturbance of security in the community. Note that this tour will continue in the new communes of Mwaro, Nyabihanga, Muramvya and Kiganda.