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Pupils on vacation contribute a lot through the work of summer camps


Aug 23, 2023

KAYANZA August 23rd (ABP) – The communal administration of Kayanza (north) has organized the work of the summer camps in four zones, with a view to supervising young people on vacation.

The adviser to the administrator of Kayanza in charge of social issues, Mr. Christian Baranyizigiye, invites those who have not yet understood the interest of that work to change their mentality because these manual works are coupled with lessons centered on patriotism, he told a check by ABP in an interview.

According to Mr. Baranyizigiye, those pupils on vacation participate in the work of tracing the connecting tracks and firewalls as well as the manufacture of bricks which will be used in the construction of public infrastructures.

In Kabuye zone, pupils are making bricks for the construction of the Maruri health center while in Murima zone, they are tracing a track in Kavumu village, he told the check by ABP.

In the Kayanza zone, the pupils trace the track connecting the Karubango sub-village to the Mihigo village. As for the Nyabihogo zone, Mr. Baranyizigiye said that the same pupils on vacation participate in the development of firewalls to fight against bush fires.

Despite his positive assessment of the participation rate, the adviser to the communal administrator of Kayanza in charge of social affairs invites pupils who do not participate in this type of work to pull themselves together.

On the side of the pupils that the check by ABP, they commend the organization of that work because it allows them to cut short with idleness and laziness. In addition, they say they are confident that this work will allow them to organize themselves and plan their future.