• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The “kawa zamurabawe” cooperative is making progress


Aug 22, 2023

BURURI August 22nd (ABP) – 403 people, some from Musenyi, Kigabiro and Muheka villages of Songa commune in Bururi province, and others from Karambi, Rubirizi, Nyacambuko and Kanyinya villages of Buyengero commune in Rumonge province, have been grouped together to create the coffee collection and processing cooperative, the leader of that cooperative located in Musenyi village of Songa commune, Mr. Manacé Ngendabakana, told a check by ABP.

In an interview with the check by ABP, he said that this cooperative was formed in 2015 with a number of 83 members.

In the sheds of the cooperative are stored 40 tons of dry coffee that the members of the cooperative will move to Kayanza, where the collective of cooperatives of coffee growers in Burundi is located. With this quantity, Mr. Ngendabakana raised the problem of the means of transport. He explained that the cooperative rents a truck each time for one million of our francs a day, a sum he describes as enormous.

However, despite the difficulties encountered, Mr. Ngendabakana encourages other coffee growers to join the “kawa zamurabawe” cooperative, to improve the well-being of their families. He stated that after selling the coffee, the net profit is a reality.