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Labor camps, a better occupation for pupils on vacation


Aug 11, 2023

BUJUMBURA August 11th (ABP) – The association called Rally of Youth for Development and the Fight against AIDS (RAJEDES), has organized summer camps with the aim of supervising pupils on vacation and protecting them against bad occupations. This was said on Monday, August 7, 2023.

The youth animator by the name of Keza Yannick met on the site, indicated that the supervision of those pupils is done by age group using videos collected by the library without borders (BSF) and discussion groups aimed at giving advice to those pupils regarding the behavior to adopt during the long holidays. He added that this summer camp is a support to parents, since communication between parents and their children is difficult in these days.

Regarding the pupils invited to participate in that summer camp, Mr. Keza said that any young person with the ability to discuss with others, is invited to join them. Speaking about the challenges encountered during that camp, he revealed that the participation rate of pupils and facilitators was low. He also stressed that the means necessary for that work are not sufficient and that this constitutes a blockage. He appealed to anyone able to do so, to support those activities. He also called on the ministry responsible for youth to contribute to the organization of those activities which, according to him, prevent young people from engaging in behaviors that can destroy their future, such as drugs.