• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Mwange village electrification project is going well


Aug 9, 2023

RUMONGE August 9th (ABP) – The activities of the Mwange village electrification project in Rumonge commune and province are going well and the inhabitants are filled with joy, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Those who spoke to a check by ABP said that the project came at the right time, as the activities requiring electricity were expensive for them.

Among those inhabitants, there are those who already carry out income-generating activities requiring electricity. Some of them used solar energy. These include, among others, the owners of hairdressing salons, carpentry workshops, restaurants or cafeterias.

The latter commend the electrification project of their locality because, they underlined, they will now work without suffering losses or difficulties as before.

They therefore ask that the meters be granted as soon as possible, specifying that they are able and ready to pay for them.

However, in some sub-villages where there were places intended for the development of the villages, the beneficiaries did not build the houses as agreed. Rather, they preferred to practice agriculture there, the case of the Cunda sub-village where most of the beneficiaries have moved to other centers.

According to the inhabitants of that locality, the unbuilt plots should be granted to those who need housing. They ask the provincial administration to take the issue in hand.

Despite the step already taken to illuminate that village, the inhabitants are still claiming compensation for their property affected by the project. Note that three out of four sub-villages that make up Mwange village will be lit, with the exception of Mwika sub-village where the inhabitants ask that they too be considered.