• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Administrative officials are called on to raise awareness for this growing season C


Jul 10, 2023

MWARO July 8th (ABP) – The second vice president of the Senate, Fabrice Nkurunziza, calls on the administrative officials of Mwaro province to work in complementarity in the implementation of the recommendations of the Burundi Prime Minister, inviting the people to have at least one field of 20 by 10 meters during the dry season.

He made that appeal on Wednesday July 5, 2023, during a meeting he held with parliamentarians elected in that province, provincial and communal administrative officials and village leaders of Bisoro, Gisozi and Kayokwe communes, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his speech, Mr. Nkurunziza indicated that it is an opportunity to make a reminder on the state of play of the cropping season C. He asked them to sensitize the young pupils to contribute in the watering of the fields during the vacation. He urged the people of Mwaro to prepare nurseries for agroforestry trees such as avocado tree, a fruit that brings in foreign currency. He asked them to give up fraud in their business activities.

He asked the agronomic technicians to always be at the side of the farmers and to make the selected seeds available.

He invited the people of Mwaro to protect the environment, to ensure sanitation in households, to collect plastic bottles and transform them into other products.

He urged the people of Mwaro to go about development work to achieve the vision of the Head of State, an emerging country in 2040 and a developed country in 2060.

During the meeting, the provincial director of environment, agriculture and livestock, Libert Nzokirantevye, indicated that activities have already started and fields have been measured to set up vegetable gardens in 55 households. He also said that all zones are preparing tree seedling nurseries for environmental protection. In collaboration with stakeholders, it is planned, according to him, to set up 2,200,000 plants, adding that the provincial directorate in charge of agriculture is ready for the 2023 growing season A. In its stock, there are already 56 tons of P53 type hybrid maize. After the meeting, the second vice president of the Senate visited an irrigated cabbage field belonging to the youth cooperative (Jijuka Barundi) located on Gasenyi hill, in Rusaka commune, with an area of 20 ha.