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Magistrates and clerks are called upon to do their job properly


Jun 30, 2023

MWARO June 30th (ABP) – The Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the Observatory of Government Action, (OAG), organized on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, a moralization session for the presidents of the high courts and courts of residence, the prosecutor and the substitutes and the clerks.

The session focused on ethics and deontology. They were called on to be unbiassed, to avoid corruption and manipulation in their profession.

The Director of Human Resources at the Ministry of Justice, Devote Nzeyimana, said that without justice, development is impossible. She stressed that injustice in this sector violates the rights of plaintiffs. She asked them to avoid any temptations that could lead them to violate professional ethics. Mrs. Nzeyimana invited them to be good fathers for all, stressing that a good father of a family does not wish to harm his children.

On behalf of the representative of the OAG, Marie Bwimana called on the agents of the judiciary of Mwaro to strengthen good governance, to meet the appeal of the Head of State. She indicated that where there is peace and justice, all is well. She asked the clerks to do their job properly and quickly, to avoid the back-and-forth movement of plaintiffs.