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The development of maritime transport leaves something to be desired to compensate for the impassability of the Bujumbura-Rumonge Road


Jun 29, 2023

RUMONGE June 29th (ABP) – The Rumonge commune presented on Monday, June 26, 2023, the achievements of the first half of the year as well as the future prospects. According to the administrator of that commune, Mr. Augustin Minani, a lot of activities have been carried out.

At the level of the administration, for example, visits to the field made out in order to listen to the grievances of the people in different villages, the delimitation of areas belonging to the commune and the revitalization of the joint security committees were also carried out.

In the health sector, health facilities were built at Muturirwa in Minago zone and at Busebwa in Gatete zone, while the Mwange health center was equipped with mattresses.

In the field of environmental protection, trees and anti-erosion hedges have been grown on different hills. The administration thanked the people for their efforts in saving those trees and invited them to continue in the same direction.

Construction work on the ravines that threatened the houses in the neighborhoods of Iteba, urban center, and Kanyenkoko, were also carried out, as well as the rehabilitation of the gutter evacuating rainwater from the Mugomere neighborhood to Lake Tanganyika, via the Birimba quarter.

Regarding electrification and drinking water supply, the Mwange village has been electrified and the Kigemarungu, Mayengo and Murambi water sources have been rehabilitated.

During that meeting, some participants pleaded for the development of the maritime transport project and for the establishment of a fishing section in schools. According to them, this could contribute to improving the transport sector in the event of the impassability of the RN3.

The administrator of the Rumonge commune closed the meeting by commending the interventions mentioned, promising that he will submit them to the communal council to be considered in the planning of the projects to be embarked on. He also appealed to his constituents to prioritize love and unity in favor of their self-development and the development of their commune.