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Call for self-development and abandonment of adventure in search for a better life abroad


Aug 8, 2023

RUYIGI August 8th (ABP) – The governor of Ruyigi province, Mrs. Emerencienne Tabu, calls on the people of that province to abandon the habit of leaving their homes for a hypothetical better life in neighboring countries.

She advises everyone to always set clear goals, self-evaluate and face all the challenges they encounter, instead of running away from them. Mrs. Tabu made that appeal on Saturday August 5, 2023 in her native commune of Gisuru, during the Communal Day celebration.

Indeed, she returned to the government’s objective of making Burundi an emerging country in 2040 and a developed country in the year 2060. Thus, she asked the entire population of her province to spare nothing, so that each family can achieve the development according to its desire.

She stressed that development must be planned, and asked everyone to clarify the goals they want to achieve each year and assess themselves so that they can see the obstacles and challenges to deal with, and above all, never run away from their responsibilities, supposedly in search for a better life abroad.

To that end, she focused on the habit of certain inhabitants of the communes bordering the United Republic of Tanzania. She showed them that some believe that life is cheaper in neighboring countries, but that most of them often return empty-handed, unable to even buy a bicycle.

Regarding the prices of foodstuffs which are currently on the rise, she said that the best solution is not to flee the country but to work tirelessly to increase production.

For his part, the administrator of Gisuru commune, Gad Ninganza, reported that his commune was able to reach the 74 percent in the implementation of the development projects it had set for this year.