• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Preparations for the State exam are going well


Jun 19, 2023

NGOZI June 19th (ABP) – Preparations for taking the state exam, 2023 edition, are going well in Ngozi province.

According to the Provincial Director of Education, Mr. Jean Pierre Ndikuryayo, all the programs have been completed.

The students even completed the third-term exams and took the provincial tests to assess their level.

Mr. Ndikuryayo advises candidates to take a break and review the courses that will be assessed.

To prepare well for those courses, they will have to return to school to be well supervised by the teachers in charge of the courses.

For teachers, the provincial director of Education asks them to stay close to their students to supervise them especially on the chapters that have not been well mastered.

Parents must continue to watch over their children, give them good advice and help them master the courses. Note that a number of 3,785 candidates for the State examination are being prepared and that four examination centers are planned, namely the Busiga high school, Burengo Don Bosco high school, Kiremba Nord high school and the Excellence high school of Musenyi. And 78 supervisors are planned for the taking of the examination.