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Some Sangwe cooperatives do not cultivate selected seeds


Apr 30, 2023

CANKUZO April 27th (ABP) – Some of the Sangwe cooperatives in Cankuzo province do not respect the call for the use of selected seeds in the implementation of their agricultural projects.

That was deplored by the representation of the federation of unions of Sangwe cooperatives in this province, Rénovat Miburo, during the corn harvest of the Sangwe Musenyi cooperative, in Cankuzo commune, which took place on Saturday April 22, 2023, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The participants who spoke during that activity indicated that Sangwe village cooperatives are generally developing. However, they regret that some of them do not have a satisfactory production following non-compliance with the advice of those responsible for the agro-pastoral sector, and continue to sow unselected seeds.

                                                                                       View of maize haverst

According to Mr. Miburo, the agricultural harvest depends on the seeds used, but also on the use of fertilizers, hence the government has made available FOMI fertilizers to be accessible to anyone who wants them.

He urged the members of those villageside cooperatives to change their behavior by following the advice given in order to take advantage of the credit of 20 million BIF that the government has already granted them to develop.

He also challenged the entire people to join those cooperatives which were created for the development of the hills and to the native hill intellectuals to help them choose projects that could be more profitable.

It was when the administrator of this commune, Mrs. Chantal Irakoze, warned the members who waste the economy of their cooperatives, that the punishments will be applied to them. Note that this activity was enhanced by the presence of the native entrepreneur of this province, Ntakarutima Nestor.