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Youth called to avoid exodus to so-called developed countries


Apr 19, 2023

RUYIGI April 19th (ABP) – The people of Ruyigi province and especially young people are called to fight against idleness and exodus abroad. That appeal was launched on Saturday April 15, 2023, by the Burundian Minister of Justice, Domine Banyankimbona, during community work in Nyabitsinda commune. She encouraged them to stay in Burundi and join forces for the development of the country in order to achieve the State’s objective of making Burundi a developed country by the year 2060.

That work, which took place on the Kirungu village of the Nyabitsinda commune, consisted of the concrete paving of a building which will serve as the administration and consultation of the health center of that village.

According to the administrator of Nyabitsinda commune, that health center is of paramount importance given that the people traveled a great distance to seek treatment in existing health structures. She thus expressed her thanks to the United Methodist Church of the place, for having initiated this project aimed at improving the health of the population. She said that the total cost of this health center will be 97 million Burundian francs. At present, she said, 64 million Fbu francs have already been used, including 51 million from the representation of the United Methodist Church of Burundi and 13 million collected by the people. She indicated that the remaining works will have a cost of 33 million Burundian francs, and thus asked all the people and NGOs working in this province to lend a strong hand to those commendable works.

The Minister of Justice called on the people of Ruyigi and all Burundians in general, to change their mentality which consists in believing that life is better abroad, which leads to the exodus especially of young people to other continents, in so-called developed countries.

To that end, Minister Banyankimbona stressed that these countries have developed thanks to the combined efforts of their citizens who have understood that the development they want will come from their own initiatives and that no one else can develop their countries.

Mrs. Banyankimbona thus indicated that the objective of the Burundian State is to make Burundi an emerging country by the year 2040 and a rich and developed country by 2060. She indicated that the image of Burundi could thus look like France, America or China, if all Burundians manage to have the same vision of the future of their country and work accordingly, adding that Burundi has the necessary potential to realize this dream.

Note that this Kirungu health center will have 4 buildings in total, namely administrative block, laboratory, maternity and hospitalization.