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The Vice-Speaker of the National Assembly participated in the community development works


Apr 19, 2023

MWARO April 19th  (ABP) – The First Vice-Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Sabine Ntakarutimana, joined the population of Bisha village, Rusaka commune, on Saturday April 15, 2023, in community work earthworks of the land where a hangar for the inter-communal market for small and large ruminants in Mwaro province will be erected.

Mrs. Ntakarutimana congratulated the provincial and communal administration for their frank collaboration with all the political parties working in this province. She challenged them to strengthen the quadrilogy, peace and security. She urged traders in Mwaro to ban fraud. Development comes from the citizen and goes home, she said, adding that taxes make the commune work and communal development comes back to the citizen.

She called on the people to roll up their sleeves to cultivate and breed in a modern way, in order to produce a lot. She added that the agriculture and livestock sector is not intended for low-income citizens. Everyone must work with courage and do income-generating activities to fight poverty. She did not fail to challenge parents to give birth to children they are able to take care of. According to her, any child of school age must go to school, zero children at home, she insisted. Development begins in families and then extends to the national level.