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Military and police officers are determined to support the development of their province


Apr 4, 2023

KIRUNDO April 4th (ABP) – The native military and police officers of Kirundo province joined, on Saturday, April 1, 2023, the people of Kirundo commune in community development work which consisted of drawing contour lines on the Rugero hill, one of the historic “Shinge na Rugero” hills, and the pavement of three classrooms of the Ceru I basic school, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

On that occasion, the leader of the association ASSOREKI-Intore, Colonel Joël Nkezabahizi, indicated that they agreed that they must support in the development of their native province once or twice a year. He said that they supported in different sectors, such as education, health, environment, etc. Colonel Nkezabahizi warmly thanked the people and the administrative officials who joined them in that work. He invited the people to go about work to develop themselves and their country. He did not forget to call on them to maintain peace and tighten security which are the basis of development.

The governor’s chief of staff, Mr. Eric Nduwayezu, also thanked those native officers of Kirundo province who continue to show love for their native province. He promised that the administration will remain by their side to encourage them.

Note that this association donated 200 iron sheets intended to cover 3 classrooms of the basic school of Rubanza in Gitobe commune and 20 bags of cement which will be used to complete three classrooms of the basic school of Ceru I. They have ended the day with the exchange of wishes for the year 2023 with their guests, including the parliamentarians elected in the constituency of Kirundo.