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The First Deputy President of the Senate calls on communal councilors to take ownership of the communal act in their activities


Mar 17, 2023

MAKAMBA/ BURURI March 17th (ABP) – The first deputy president of the Senate, Mrs. Denise Ndadaye, asks the communal councilors to take ownership of the communal act in their activities. She made that appeal during the trips made on Wednesday and Thursday, March 15 and 16, 2023 to the Makamba and Bururi provinces to meet the communal councilors of all the communes of those provinces.

In Makamba province, the first deputy president of the Senate pointed out that those communal councilors must abide by the laws and the provisions in force in relation to the manuals of administrative and financial procedures of the communes.

To implement the budget- program procedure when implementing projects; she advised that they first study the project to be implemented, its duration and then adopt or seek an amount necessary to undertake such a project. This will prevent leaving the project halfway.

The governor of Makamba, Mrs. Françoise Ngozirazana, indicated that those communal councilors will have to know that they represent the people of their villages, reason why they must sit down together with the village councils to know the needs of the village to submit in front of the administrator.

In Bururi province, she returned to the role of communal councilors, their specifications, their accountability to the people. Honorable Denise Ndadaye asked the communal councilors to properly read the communal act to better exercise the noble tasks people entrusted to them. She asked the communal councilors to always promote good governance in their respective communes in order to maintain confidence in the people. Concerning the budget-program, she suggested that the citizens of the commune and the NGOs working there, forward their initiatives to development as soon as possible so that they are integrated into the development projects of the commune.

Participants at the meeting indicated that some of the communal councilors do not know their role, hence capacity building is needed. Others mentioned the thorny problems including the expropriations pronounced by the courts, the fuel problem which makes it difficult or even impossible the movement of people and goods. They complain about how OBR collects taxes, some say there is money leaking, others say OBR overcharges customers, hence digitalization of OBR services by software would be a cure. The harmonization of communal taxes was also mentioned.

Note that the first deputy president of the Senate was in the company of senators and MPs elected in the constituency of Bururi.