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The President of the Constitutional Court has partaken in community work in Muramvya


Feb 20, 2023

MURAMVYA February 20th (ABP) – The President of the Constitutional Court, Valentin Bagorikunda, joined on Saturday February 18, the people of Muramvya, in community works which consisted in road maintenance.

In his speech after the community maintenance works of a road at the level of the Rukiga hill in Bukeye commune. Mr. Bagorikunda revealed five messages from the President of the Republic. First, “Every Burundian must love labor, no more room for lazy people. He said that the development of the country comes from its citizens because, according to him, this is the case of countries known to be very advanced in development. The second message was about strengthening unity and security. The third message conveyed to the people of Bukeye was to ask them to respect the public heritage. “As you protect your harvest with interest, you should do the same for the road, the school, the environment, the source of drinking water which are common heritage for all of us,” the President of the Constitutional Court underlined. Fourthly, he spoke of respect for the law and the authorities. Mr. Bagorikunda finally sensitized the people on hygiene and sanitation. Note that those community works were attended by MP Prosper Manirambona, elected in Muramvya and a native of Bukeye commune.