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People are called for taking ownership of development of their province


Feb 20, 2023

BUBANZA February 20th (ABP) – The Minister of Communication, Information Technologies and Media, Mrs. Léocadie Ndacayisaba joined, on Saturday February 18, the people of Bubanza commune (north-west of Burundi) in community development work which consisted of mixing concrete for the paving of two classrooms at Bubanza III basic school.

In her speech, the Minister in charge of communication invited the inhabitants of that province to take ownership of community development work, reminding them that they are the first beneficiaries. She also asked them to engage in small development projects to increase production.

As for the governor of Bubanza province, Cléophas Nizigiyimana, he calls on his family planning leaders to compensate for the scarcity of arable land. He calls on young people for self-development in order to be able to build decent houses during marriage. He also invited religious denominations and leaders of political parties to mobilize their followers for community development work.