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Call for the sustainability of the achievements of the PNSADR-IM program


Feb 16, 2023

RUYIGI February 16th (ABP) – The people from the communes of the natural region of Moso, beneficiary of the National Program for Food Security and Rural Development of Imbo and Moso (PNSADR-IM) which is coming to an end, are delighted with the step that they have taken in development during the period of supervision by that project. The same people are called upon to avoid any behavior that could lead to the loss of acquired knowledge.

That appeal was made on Monday, February 14, during the presentation of the achievements of that project in the natural regions of Imbo and Moso.

At the end of the 5 years of the PNSADR-IM, the coordinator, Mr. Damase Ntiranyibagira, said that this program aimed to strengthen food security and rural development in the natural regions of Imbo and Moso. He also indicated that this project was able to strengthen the hydro-agricultural infrastructure in the marshes and plains. It has opened up production areas while developing the rice and milk sectors. The PNSADR-IM also proceeded to the diversification of production, the improvement of nutrition without forgetting the strengthening of the institutional capacities of the actors of agricultural development in relation to the targeted sectors.

The beneficiary population of that program, and particularly that of the Ruyigi, Rutana and Cankuzo provinces located in the natural region of Moso, are delighted that they have been introduced to modern livestock farming within the framework of the community solidarity chain. Some beneficiaries claim to have had great incomes to the point of buying properties, finding school fees for children, transforming their dwelling houses in a modern way.

At a time when the PNSADR-IM is definitively closing its activities in the two natural regions, Mr. Ntiranyibagira reminds the beneficiaries that they must ensure that the step they have already taken in development be kept and be considered as a capital to cross other higher staircases in the development.

He indicated that those farmers are of paramount importance in the development of households, local communities, communes and provinces and even of the whole country and that they even contribute to the decrease in prices for the foodstuffs concerned.

As a reminder, in the natural regions of Imbo and Moso, the PNSADR-IM operated in the Kinyinya and Gisuru communes of Ruyigi province, Giharo, Bukemba and Gitanga of Rutana province as well as Cendajuru in Cankuzo province.