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A native of Marangara is very useful for his native village


Feb 15, 2023

NGOZI February 15th (ABP) – Kagoto is one of the Marangara villages located in the bottoms of the highly surveyed mountains of the Cindonyi zone on the borders of the Akanyaru River separating Burundi from its northern neighbor. There stands a very striking office at first sight, that of the Urunani rw’iterambere cooperative, initiated by a native of that village living in Bujumbura, Mr. Jules Mukundwa. The cooperative is essentially rural because all the members are residents except the founder. Their vision is not simple: “Setting up a coffee processing plant”.

To achieve this, Mr. Mukundwa says they are preparing well: “We already have a mature coffee field of 2,500 coffee trees. In addition, the cooperative has installed a germinator which will produce 50,000 young plants. The cooperative will move on to setting up a processing plant”. To support all these efforts, each cooperator must create a small family income. It is with that in mind that they practice goat livestock. 200 goats are raised in their households.

But each goat must pass through a breeding and fattening center. They also set up a rice mill. They can therefore save time to grind their paddy rice and try with rice bran for their animals.

The cooperative also has a sum of three million in its bank account. Mr. Mukundwa said he was satisfied with the step already taken and asked the members of the Urunani rw’iterambere cooperative to remain united and redouble their efforts.

He thinks that the cooperative will have reached, in a few years, a degree of no return in its development. He also advises other natives of Marangara to return to the folds and help parents, friends and childhood neighbors to organize themselves for their self-development.