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Better to revitalize joint security committees to fight against household theft


Jan 13, 2023

MAKAMBA January 13th (ABP) – The governor of Makamba, Françoise Ngozirazana, met on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the people of the Bukeye zone in Kibago commune, to collect their grievances.

Kibago administrator Esperance Inarukundo indicated that peace and security are in good shape despite some isolated cases of theft observed in households and in the fields. She also pointed out that there are children dropping out of school heading to Tanzania. To fight against the thefts observed in households and in the fields, the governor of Makamba calls on the administration to revitalize the joint security committees at the commune level. She reminded the people to point fingers at the evildoers observed in their villages. She further advised people to keep children in schools for their good future.

She advised them to respect the hierarchy to be well served by the authorities in place.

For family empowerment, the governor asked the people to grow at least 5 fruit trees and raise 5 rabbits.