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The Head of State has introduced the new governor of Rumonge to the people


Jan 11, 2023

RUMONGE January 11th (ABP) – The President of the Republic, Evariste Ndayishimiye, visited the Rumonge province (southwest) on Tuesday to introduce the new governor of the said province to the people.

Before that presentation, the Head of State first recalled that Burundi is a divine gift, because it is a country similar to that which God promised to Abraham. According to him, it is a land where crops of all kinds can be grown, giving an example of the apple crop which is grown in Europe, but which is also grown in Burundi.

At the social level, Mr. Ndayishimiye deplored the fact that Burundi has known a tragic history characterized by a diabolical spirit, and which has generated hatred between the brothers until they kill each other. Thus, the President of the Republic called on all Burundians not to reopen the door to the evil spirit in order to preserve that divine gift (Burundi) against the misdeeds of the past.

                                                                               View of the people

The Head of State also provided pieces of advice to the administrative authorities and the people. The administrative officials were advised to behave like a shepherd who never sleeps without his sheep being in total. He must also, according to the Head of State, know the grievances of his constituents in order to find solutions. For him, a good leader must be valiant, have love towards God and can even sacrifice his life for the people. The leaders of religious denominations have been asked by the President of the Republic to teach their followers the notion of charity and above all to place particular emphasis on development, in order to encourage their followers to plan projects for their self-development and the development of the country.

He regretted that some administrative officials are not concerned with the problems of the population, but they are rather concerned with their own interests. The latter will encounter, according to the Head of State, difficulties during this New Year, promising that he will be very severe towards those who only dream of embezzling the property of the country and the population.

The people were advised to abide by the laws and to obey the administrative authorities. The President of the Republic also specified that he counts on the people in terms of development. He thus invited them to discover the potential of the country for self-development.

The Head of State closed those pieces of advice with the presentation of the new governor, Léonard Niyonsaba. Thus, he asked the people and especially the heads of decentralized services to support the new governor in order to facilitate the accomplishment of his task.