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The President of the Republic is satisfied with the projects of the young farmer from the Muyange village


Jan 11, 2023

MWARO January 11th (ABP) – The President of the Republic, Evariste Ndayishimiye, visited on Tuesday, January 10, a young by the name of Justabel Ndikumasabo, practicing modern agriculture on Muyange hill in Nyabihanga commune.

In the speech he addressed to the people of Muyange, President Ndayishimiye indicated that the money comes from the sweat of their efforts. He invited them to move away from laziness, the source of poverty. The person who does not work, he insisted, would not need to eat since he/she consumes the efforts of others and is a synonym of a thief.

According to the Head of State, God created us to work and transform the soil. It is within this framework that everyone should seek what to do to fight against poverty, he said.

To that end, Mr. Ndayishimiye recommended the people of the Muyange village to practice the livestock of small ruminants including rabbits. He urged them to roll up their sleeves, to transform inedible plants into edible ones. He also advised the inhabitants of that locality to develop their arable land.

Note that Justabel Ndikumasabo grew maize, potatoes, soybeans, red onions, sunflowers, fruits (Japanese plum and maracuja) and pepper (pili-pili) in a modern way. He also raises cows, chickens and ducks.