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Human diversity stimulates development, says an expert


Jan 10, 2023

MAKAMBA January 10th (ABP) – Human diversity stimulates the development, peace and security of a given administrative entity. This is the assertion of the expert in Community development and education for peace, Mr. Aloys Misago

During an interview given on Saturday January 7, 2023 to a check by ABP, after a meeting to evaluate the activities of the amahoro club Nyanza-Lac, Mr. Misago indicated that the developed nations in the world have diversified people, citing the example the USA, the Republic of South Africa and the United Arab Emirates where we find Europeans, Africans, Asians.

For a country to develop, it takes the cooperation of everyone, bringing together different talents to be able to complement each other.

He advised the people to accept themselves in diversity in order to develop their administrative entities. He pointed out that the people of the Nyanza-Lac commune come from different localities of the country, the reason why the commune has potential to develop if those people come together to harness different talents.