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The First Lady congratulates Miss Burundi and her runners-up for their achievements


Jan 12, 2023

BUJUMBURA January 11th (ABP) – The First Lady of Burundi, Angeline Ndayishimiye, received on Wednesday at the Office of the First Lady for Development in Burundi, Miss Burundi, Kelly Ngaruko and her two runners-up Arlène-Antoine Sezerano and Aimée Gloire Ishimwe, as well Miss Popularity Mégane Ndahiro, who came to present to her what they have already achieved since they were elected.

That meeting was also an opportunity to thank the OPDD-Burundi and the Bonne Action-Umugiraneza Foundation, for their support for the projects implemented by Miss Burundi and her team.

Miss Burundi, Kelly Ngaruko, presented to the First Lady and all the staff of OPDD-Burundi and the Bonne Action-Umugiraneza Foundation, her project to support young people, especially young girls and women, in the development of projects while also giving them start-up capital, where positive results have been recorded. She also clarified that on the recommendation of the Head of State and the First Lady, all the girls who have reached the final stage of the Miss Burundi 2022 competition, have come together to contribute to the development of the country. Thus, they created a cooperative called “Indangamirwa” which deals with the manufacture of flour for the porridge. That flour helps prevent and fight against malnutrition, especially among children. The session was also an opportunity to present the perfume manufacturing project.

The first runner-up Arlene-Antoine Sezerano presented her fish farming and chicken farming project carried out in the Bubanza province and which is at the stage of sale. The second runner-up presented the project to promote cultural heritage through winning markets for the organization of festivals and the promotion of the mother tongue, Kirundi. She has already recruited more than 20 young girls who are also benefiting from the money. In turn, Miss Popularity presented her maize farming project in Karusi province, where after the sale of the harvest, the interests will be shared between the members of the cooperatives.

After those presentations, the First Lady congratulated Miss Burundi and her team for the step already taken by carrying out development projects. She asked those girls to widen the field of work by inserting other aspects into their projects. She gave the example of those who grow maize, also grow soybeans, wheat, sorghum and have a sales market for the cooperatives that make the porridge.

The First Lady also advised Miss Burundi and her team to always remain united and to invite other girls and boys in their development projects in order to create employment. She promised that the OPDD-Burundi and the Bonne Action-Umugiraneza Foundation will always be by their side, whether in terms of advice or in the search for markets for their products. She did not forget to call on those girls to put forward love and safeguard Burundian culture to embellish the image of their homeland, Burundi.

It is worthy to note that Miss Burundi and her team gave the First Lady gifts illustrating their products in their various projects.